Pond Services

Imagine sitting in your own yard alongside a cool stream or bubbling fountain, the calming sounds of water washing away all stress and anxiety. Imagine a clear pond filled with colorful koi fish and lilies just outside your kitchen window.
The invigorating sunny days are high-point in pond maintenance, a time when the pond should be at its best and plants fish and wildlife thrive, bloom and breed. These long sunny days and hot nights can inadvertently bring challenges of their own for the many pond-keepers, so alongside the justifiable enjoyment of the fruits of our labours, we also need to keep an eye out for signs of trouble. The warmth means things can change very quickly in the pond and, if the early signs are missed, problems such as algal blooms and deteriorating water quality can soon become major summertime headaches. With a little bit of vigilance and a spot of careful summer maintenance, however, we should be able to avoid having our enjoyment spoiled too much.